357 Magnum LED Grow Light

Watch Dunit and the 357 Magnum knock it out of the park with this 2 357 Magnum grow over 9 purple kush! Full grow archived on www.ledbudguy.com

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  1. The grower Dunit used 2 x 357 magnums for this grow. You could easily have great things happening in a closet running one of these babies 😉

    do a google for “led bud guy” and check out the ledbudguy forums for unbiased industry leading reviews on led grow lights.

  2. How many would you recommend for a SOG in a 5×9 tent? Our last single run harvest is soon and are going to switch to your LED’s for the new SOG setup. We just don’t know how many to buy, or at least at this point, can get away with until our first harvest in the new system. Each station will have 8 plants arranged in 2 rows of 4.

  3. LEDs are the future..and the future is here :] … Grow some autos. they’re getting to be just as potent as regular strains now, only with the autoflowering trait unlocked. no 12/12

  4. yeah, the 357 magnum has 5 uv and the magnum plus has 7 uv. that is what makes the trichome production unlike anything you have ever seen before!

  5. @ledmarijuana lol alright thank you, i thought my lights were burnt out ahah… they look like theyre in odd places.

  6. remove the spaces and see for yourself!

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